mouse-power is a passionate, multi-lingual team with years of experience and a wide range of knowledge. As a localization manufacture we bank on manual work, linguistic skill and experienced specialists. The reviews of the respective print media speak a plain language.

Localization is more than a job to us. Flexibility and keeping tight deadlines are our daily routine. Furthermore, it is one of our main goals to always build our project teams form the best available translators, directors, voice actors and testers.

We love games and fully identify with your project. The best possible linguistic quality is our goal and aspiration, which we substantiate with our competent team members in our office in Berlin, as well as carefully selected partners in Germany and Europe. And all of this at a good price! Please check it out yourself.

Our services in detail:

lokalisation of video games
  • translation
  • proof-reading
  • casting
  • voice recording
  • linguistic tests
  • consulting
  • project management
services for the dubbing industry
  • draft translations
  • dialogue scripts
  • directing of voice talent
  • casting
  • voice recording