Projects 2020 (2)

We’ve got a much more pleasant second wave for you: The second round of games we’ve worked on this year just came out!

This time, the diverse mix consists of: Empire of Sin (translation/subtitles), a strategy game set in the times of the Prohibition in which you play the head of a criminal organisation and have to make your racket as profitable as possible; the adventure game Twin Mirror (trans./subt.) by the creators of “Life is Strange” in which you have to uncover the chilling secrets of a small town; and lastly Immortal Fenyx Rising (full localisation incl. German dub), an open world action-adventure, a lot of, often quite raunchy, humour and many exciting, mythical battles in the attempt to save the Olympian Gods and the whole world from their demise.


Projects 2020 (1)

This year war full of big projects which are now, one by one, being released into the world. The successful franchise Assassin’s Creed recently received another instalment: Vallhalla. Translating and dubbing the extensive ad campaign was also part of the project. Examples can be found in the section Media.

Furthermore we logged into virtual reality to translate a “battle royale”-style shooter by the name of Hyper Scape.

Projects 2019 (2)

As was already the case for Assassin’s Creed Origins there is now a Discovery Tour for Odyssey and we did the localisation (with the same voice talent as in the main game). We also just finished Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint and, in cooperation with Q-Loc, the spooky RPG Stygian – Reign of the Old Ones by Cultic Games that was inspired by Lovecraft’s Cthulu myth.